Of course there are a lot of General Contractor construction companies out there that install fiberglass batt insulation or mineral wool/rockwool insulation. Likewise, there are a number of insulation firms in Massachusetts that will pretty much install any kind of insulation, in any kind of building at all.

At Mass Energy Lab Insulation, however, we decided to really specialize in home insulation. We focus only on insulating homes. Also, we only work directly with single family homeowners. Yup, we actually apologize to commercial building homeowners and landlords of multi-family buildings when they call us to design or install insulation in their buildings. We just work for homeowners, we say. There are a few reasons for this really. 



We really take the time to protect your home


Reason #1 - Our People 

Our people are trained to be around homeowners, children, pets, nannies, the UPS guy, the in-laws, even the at-home mandarin tutor. That's because working in homes is different than commercial or industrial job sites. Its a different type of body language. Its a different set of accommodations. We do need to be there on time so you can leave for work on time. We do need to send you updates on the days when you can't work from home with constant updates of pictures via email or text, if you wish.

If you're running express errands, don't worry. Leave the home to us. We know our way around residential breaker panels in your garage or basement, as well as when your dry cleaning company drops off the dry cleaning. Just let us know whom to expect. 

You can take care of everything electronically with us, with just a click, for maximum piece of mind. We truly know homes. We know homeowners and we know home insulation and ventilation.

Practice makes perfect. The last hundred homes we worked in prior to working in yours had stairs and basements and foyers. This allows us to anticipate challenges in your home better than an insulation contractor that worked in a new construction Wendy's yesterday, a warehouse of a cold storage last week and an antiques garage the week before. 



Protecting carpets and stairways from rough construction boots are just one of the things we do on a regular basis


Reason #2 - Our Certifications and Training 

We believe that its our job to be obsessed with learning all about home insulation but that's not enough. We also need to be obsessed with learning all about homes. Its why, in addition to multiple insulation certification, we also have multiple residential insulation focused insulation and energy efficiency certifications to begin with. Even all of our awards are for home insulation from HomeAdvisor.com and Houzz.com rather than commercial or industrial facilities. 

We were trained by Building Performance Institute to adopt a "whole-house-approach" to home insulation design. As in, look at the whole home as one giant box and work with the homeowner to solve their problems within that box. Insulation is what then protects that box. 

We are certified by ASHRAE 62.2 to assess, design and install ventilation systems for homes. 2010, 2013, 2015 standards of ventilation for homes in Massachusetts? Check. We have you covered. When you insulate, you must ventilate. Every home should breathe. We control that breathing. That's what we do.

We have completed the Residential Mold Remediation Certification Training and the Residential Lead Renovation Training. Homes in Massachusetts before the 1970s are considered to have lead paint in them and we have completed trainings with the Massachusetts Department of Labor to be certified by them. We did this at the Massachusetts Department of Labor itself!

We were trained and certified under the United States Federal OSHA confined spaces standard as well for Attics and Crawlspaces. Yes, there is an actual standard that exists for working in homes with tight attics and crawlspaces, so when we install closed cell spray foam insulation in your attic or your crawlspace, we actually take a very cautious approach to doing so to protect your home and our team. 

We further continue to be a part of the American Society of Home Inspector's (ASHI) continue education program where we learn from top quality home inspectors who have conducted thousands of home inspections to learn all about your home so we can be the best home insulation company out there versus just the best insulation company. ASHI helps us create granular pre-install and inspection checklists to check things such as bathroom fans, kitchen hoods and dryer vents being vented out before installing insulation. 




Reason #3 - Our Equipment and Diagnostic Tools

Our equipment and tools are designed for homes. We have and use a FLIR Infrared Camera during every home insulation estimate to check for weak insulation spots and air leaks.



No home insulation estimate is complete without a FLIR infrared inspection


Vulnerable spots like the floor of the room above your garage and the attic kneewalls of the typical Massachusetts Victorian? We know. Our equipment is designed to catch that. 

Read Why you should hire a Massachusetts Insulation Company that uses an Infrared Camera for all Home Insulation Estimates and Assessments (click to open in new window). 

We use the EXTECH Carbon Monoxide meters on all installs. EXTECH was founded as a local Massachusetts Company in Waltham, MA and is now based out of Nashua, NH. 

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a huge problem in homes (https://www.cpsc.gov/Research--Statistics/Carbon-Monoxide) and we use the Extech for that reason. Its sensitive from 0 - 1000 ppm and homes are recommended to be at 9 ppm (parts per million). We want to always be ready when working in your home. 



With homes, its all about the little things that make homeowners truly happy


Reason #4 - The Building Codes and our Licenses 

Massachusetts has been the number state in the country, in the Cleantech sector for many years now (yes, even ahead of California as per the ACEEE.org - we're American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy members as well). The building codes are significantly ahead of the rest of the country. Its our job to be on top of this.

This is why we have code continuation classes and have the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor's License (CSL) as well as the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor's License (HIC). When we say we're licensed, we are licensed as home improvement and home construction supervisor professionals, not just insulation. We are a serious construction company and that's what you want for your project, somebody who really know what they're doing. 

Also, if you have a problem with your home insulation project and you'd like to bring it to the attention of the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs, you need the contractor to be a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) license holder. 

Commercial or Industrial focused contractors do not really have to register the MA Office of Consumer Affairs. We have. 

You can look up an insulation company's Massachusetts Construction Supervisor's license here - https://www.mass.gov/how-to/check-a-construction-supervisor-license

You can look up an insulation contractor's Massachusetts Home Improvement License here - https://services.oca.state.ma.us/hic/licenseelist.aspx 


Reason #5 - Our Insurances and Warranties 

We are fully insured with national coverage companies with General Liability insurance (protection against something that breaks in your home or on your property), Professional Liability Insurance (insurance for the advice that we provide, if we ever do in our designs) as well as Workman's Compensation Insurance (super important for an insulation company to have and illegal to not have).

All of our insurance companies know that we only focus on residential insulation work in Massachusetts. This is critical information for you as a homeowner because you want an insulation company working in your home that is very well covered, should anything occur AND one that is covered by the right kind of insurance for working in homes. Insurance companies can easily deny coverage if a commercial insurance covered company works in your home and was to damage something typically only found in residential homes. READ MORE ON OUR INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR YOUR HOME HERE.

We offer a two year warranty on our work versus the industry standard of one year. That's double the warranty with us! That's because we know homes and home insulation and so we are able to work with more confidence. READ MORE ON OUR HOME INSULATION TWO YEAR WARRANTY HERE. 



Do you think we are a good match? Great! Then let's talk. Schedule a 15 minute phone call with a technical project manager below to discuss your home insulation project or fill out our contact us form