Comparing Home Insulation Estimates: Why “Per Square Foot” Estimates Don’t Tell the Whole Story

by Insulation Geek | Nov 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

Comparing Home Insulation Estimates: Why “Per Square Foot” Estimates Don’t Tell the Whole StoryLet’s be honest; we all tend to like simple solutions—even to complex problems. That’s particularly true when we’re dealing with something that isn’t in our realm of expertise. Albert Einstein (one of the greatest minds in history) caution that we should, “Make things as simple as possible, but not any simpler.” He could have been talking about insulation.

Why Simple Doesn’t Always Work

Homeowners looking for an answer to their questions about home insulation often short-circuit the process by focusing exclusively on price. That’s understandable. Nobody wants to pay more for something without a good reason. When comparing bids, homeowners often want to compare pricing that’s based on how many square feet are being covered.

We have prospective clients ask us to bid projects like that regularly. It’s not a big surprise. It makes sense and it’s simple. Frankly, that’s the way a lot of insulation installers bid their jobs. But it’s a little bit too simple. Sure, size plays a role in the cost of installing your insulation, but there is a lot more involved.

Apples Aren’t Oranges

If every home were essentially the same it might make sense to compare pricing based purely on square footage. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of factors that indicate what a home’s insulation needs will be. Some homes are multi-storied. Other homes have attics. Different construction materials may be used. Sometimes different construction processes are used. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to considering which insulation solution is the best. Comparing price exclusively on the square footage of the home doesn’t really give you an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

The Alternative: A Solution-Oriented Approach

At Mass Energy Lab Insulation we aren’t interested in selling you a product or a service. We’re more concerned about offering you a solution to your specific needs. That’s why we think it’s so important to do a thorough assessment before offering you a solution. In fact, we’re of the opinion that it doesn’t make sense to offer a solution until we’ve determined what the problem is. That’s why we Use advanced diagnostic building tools (including infrared camera inspection) on all home insulation assessments so that we can offer you facts that will help you make your decision.

What’s Next?

If you’d like to make the best decision about what kind of insulation is best for your home—based on your home’s specific needs—talk to us. We will come to your home and listen to your specific concerns and questions. Then we’ll respond within 24 hours with a variety of insulation options. There is no obligation, and we promise not to put any pressure on you to make a decision.  



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