Why Insulating Your Massachusetts Home Isn’t a One-Step Process

by Insulation Geek | Dec 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

Why Insulating Your Massachusetts Home Isn’t a One-Step ProcessMany of us feel that life is already complicated enough. That’s one reason the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is so popular. It’s also why many people opt for simple solutions. The trouble is that not all problems can be solved with the same simple solution. Providing adequate insulation for your home is one of those situations. Here’s why insulating your Massachusetts home isn’t a one-step process.

Not All Problems Are the Same So Not All Solutions Should Be the Same

It’s not unusual for homeowners to think that home insulation is a one-step process. Your insulation installer simply blows enough insulation into the walls of your home until you reach the R-factor you want and you’re done! But not all homes are built the same, and there’s more to good insulation (and the comfort it delivers) than just the R-factor.

Why We Take a Four-Step Approach

At Mass Energy Lab we really don't consider ourselves "insulation installers." We're problem solvers who happen to specialize in home insulation. Before we start putting fiberglass or foam into your home we want to make sure we understand what you really need before we create a specific solution that's right for your home. We offer more than 10 different home insulation types so that you can choose the best possible option(s) for your home. Here’s how we approach your insulation needs.

Step 1: Understanding the Problem

We believe that the best way to provide the best solution is to get as much information as we can up front. To do that, we’ll set up an appointment that fits your schedule to conduct a detailed needs and safety assessment. This home insulation assessment typically takes around 30 minutes, and we use advanced diagnostic building tools (including infrared camera inspection) so that we can present you with the facts that will help you make your decision.

Step 2: Designing a Solution

Once we have all the information we need we actually design a solution that will give you the best results. Your home is unique and we believe the solution to your insulation needs should be unique as well. That’s also why we don’t provide “blanket” pricing based purely on the square footage of your house. The solution we’ll offer is based specifically on your house and your needs. For small jobs, we provide an on-the-spot proposal that covers various price ranges and service options. For more complex jobs, we will email you a proposal within 24 hours.

Step 3: Installing the Solution

The day before we’re scheduled to work, we’ll send you a reminder, then another on the scheduled morning when we’re on the way. We’ll never tell you “Sometime between 8:00 and 4:00”.  Your time is valuable, and you deserve to know when we’re going to arrive. Upon arrival, our project manager will greet you and explain what we’ll be doing. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask your project manager or any of our other team members. Throughout the installation, we use protective barriers to ensure your safety and the safety (and cleanliness) of your home. Any drywall that needs to be altered to access our work area will be replaced and returned to its original state before completion.

Step 4: Providing Post-install Support

Our post-install warranty begins as soon as your installation is complete. With our two- year labor warranty on all our work, you'll be well protected (as opposed to the industry standard one-year labor warranty). Your Insulation Project Manager will reach out to you personally within a day or two of completion of your project to ensure that you’re satisfied.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

You’ve heard the old adage that if your only tool is a hammer every problem is a nail. We simply don’t operate that way. We don’t make things more complicated than they need to be—but we also won’t over-simplify things to make it easier on ourselves. If you’d like a home insulation solution that truly fits your home and your needs, we’d love to talk to you to see if we’d be a good fit for you.


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