You’re Paying to Insulate Your Home—But What Kind of Value Are You Getting?

by Insulation Geek | Nov 9, 2018 | 0 Comments

You’re Paying to Insulate Your Home—But What Kind of Value Are You Getting?Whether you’re building a new home or replacing the insulation on your current Boston-area home, you’re paying to insulate your home—but what kind of value are you getting? If your only concern is getting the lowest price possible for insulation installation, you’re probably missing out on a lot of value. Not only that, but you may not be getting the bargain you think you are.

Cost vs. Value

There is a big difference between what something costs and the value it delivers. Your home is probably the single biggest personal investment you’ll ever make. To preserve that investment and to get the most out of it, you’ll want to focus on things that add value to your home. Thinking about the insulation you choose for your home may not be as sexy as choosing flooring or selecting kitchen cabinets. But your insulation packs a powerful punch when it comes to delivering value. Let’s look at some of the different areas in which that value surfaces.

Comfort Value

Not everything can be measured in terms of dollars and cents. If you skimp on the insulation you install or simply settle for “standard” practices, your home may not deliver the kind of comfort you expect. A well-insulated home keeps your whole family comfortable all year long. You'll be warmer in the cold Boston winters and comfortably cool in the summer months. You won't be thinking about your insulation, but it will be working to keep you comfortable. Adequate insulation also helps dampen outside noise—making your home a more enjoyable place to be.

Financial Value

energy-loss-insulation-infographicSometimes spending a bit of money can actually save you money over the long haul. According to ENERGY STAR information, homes in Massachusetts can save an average of 18 percent on heating and cooling costs every year if they are properly insulated.  According to annual heating bills for 2017/2018 were expected to be in the range of $750 for natural gas; $2,200 for heating oil and propane; and about $700 for electric. Saving 18 percent is nothing to sneeze at.

Health Value

What kind of price would you put on your family’s health? We all want our homes to be safe and healthy places, but improper insulation (or other construction problems) can allow unwanted moisture into your home that can lead to mold and mildew. Simply adding insulation won’t solve that problem. At Mass Energy Lab, we’re not just installation installers. We’re problems solvers. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to detect potential moisture problems and eliminate them. That’s an added value that you won’t get with “standard” insulation.

Why Us?

If you’re concerned about the comfort of your home; about protecting your financial investment; and about ensuring the health and safety of your family, you’re probably more interested in the overall value of services you select than merely shopping for the lowest price.

At Mass Energy Lab we’re all about insulation solutions that are custom designed specifically for your home. We won’t try to sell you a pre-determined, one-size-fits-all package. We’ll listen to you and discover your concerns and needs, and then provide you with options to meet your goals. We can insulate any part of your home, from attics to basements and everything in between. If you have special requests (such as allergy or eco-friendly insulation types), we will work to provide those kinds of solutions for you.

Too many homeowners treat insulation as a “necessary evil” of homebuilding or remodeling. It’s so much more. You and your guests will probably never spend time looking at the insulation you install, but you’ll feel the difference and you’ll enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that come from ensuring you’re receiving the best value for the money you spend.

What Next?

Whether you’re building a new home or simply wanting to upgrade the insulation in your existing home, we’d love to hear from you and provide an insulation assessment of your home’s needs. Then we can present you with options for achieving your insulation objectives. Click here to contact us to get the process started.


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