“As a home insulation firm, we must BE OBSESSED everyday to learn everything possible about home insulation but that’s just not enough. It's not enough to learn about home insulation. We must learn all about the home as well and how the various components of the building interact with each other. It's a reflection of the duality of life. After all, our homeowners trust us with their homes, potentially the single largest purchase they will ever make in their life.” #constructiontraderevolution

- Mass Energy Lab Insulation.



We are working in construction today, amidst an age of over-information (and misinformation). Manufacturers and product companies frequently publish biased information with an agenda. Roofing or HVAC contractors often have no qualms about talking about other trade knowledge without being sure of it. Flash bloggers are quick to rehash strong technical articles from actual thought leaders for SEO perks. All of this has serious consequences on a home after the construction project is done.

You see, a home is a consumer durable good. Sure, it lasts longer than most consumer goods but it's still a good that we finance and use. When you make a modification to that good, you must be absolutely sure that it will not affect another component of that good. This is where we need a #constructiontraderevolution.

Its about time that we had a #constructiontraderevolution. Let’s learn all about our own trade and then keep learning. Then learn all about the home and other trades and keep learning. The learning never stops. We need a knowledge revolution in the home remodeling and construction industry. We need a trade revolution in our industry. We owe it to all people that own homes and are planning to remodel their homes. We owe it to them to not cause a problem in another part of the home when we work our trade in one part of the home. Don’t let a faulty insulation design and install cause a mold issue or indoor air quality issue. Don’t let a faulty HVAC design cause an ice dam issue or high energy loss issue. Don’t let a faulty roofing design cause a condensation under the roof issue or a wet insulation issue.

If we need to insulate with hot roofs, we need to learn all about roofing, insulation as well as ventilation and HVAC. If we plan to insulate a crawl space, we need to learn about concrete, vapor barriers, vapor retarders and ventilation.

We need to keep learning in our construction trades, about our own trades and other trades. #constructiontraderevolution   



In 2011, we won Mass High Tech’s “5 Hottest Startups to Watch”. Even though we have been successful for almost 10 years we don’t talk about the years of experience. It doesn't matter. The question always occurs - is this someone with 10 years of experience or 1 year of experience x 10? If you’ve been studying the same thing for the last 10 years or doing the same kind of work for the last 10 years, with the same tasks and the same projects, is it really 10 years? They say practice makes perfect, but it also makes permanent. Permanent can be a dangerous thing.

Life is dynamic. Everytime a new product comes out, it changes how other products work with the system, that is the house. The house is a living, breathing system. If the occupants (the components) of the home change (its sold to a new family or you now have a fish tank), then it will change the home (the system). This is why we have a never ending thirst for knowledge. We focus as much on our output as we do our processes as a company, to keep learning.

Like the great champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. once said, “to be a champion, you can’t just be good at a few things, you’ve got to be great at everything”.

Our value add is that we work hard everyday to be great, not just good, at understanding everything about your home to be a true home insulation champion.

That’s the Mass Energy Lab Insulation value-add promise to you. When we meet you for the first time, we will do so with the mindset of someone that has the absolute obligation to know everything about your home, not just the insulation. We believe that this mentality will allow us to always be relevant and helpful to our homeowner clients. To always be the most knowledge and helpful insulation company you will ever work with. #constructiontraderevolution #massenergylabrevolution    

Our clients choose us because they’re looking for absolute insulation specialists that are extremely knowledgeable in providing updated, reliable information while selecting the best type of insulation products and solutions for their home. 



No gutters, no HVAC, No Solar, No Windows, No chimneys and fireplaces, No “energy related stuff”. We work hard to understand insulation better than anybody else and we want to keep learning to know how to install it better than anybody else. See Our Philosophy or Learn more here about our Partnership with the University of Massachusetts’ College of Health and Sciences.



Our team is made up of professional craftsmen, engineers, building scientists and architects that work together in a strong company culture to deliver the best insulation projects, through communication, punctuality, minimal downtime and we do it with a smile on our face. See our 2016 Better Business Bureau Award for Service Excellence and learn about your home insulation install warranty here.





“Strive not to be of success, but rather to be of value”

Albert Einstein